Computers, tablets and mobile phones are electronic devices that emit or release positive ions in the air. And if you are a computer user, someone who stays in front of it all day long, whether at home or in the workplace, you can be a target to a host of illnesses that these positive ions bring to health and some of these include hypertension, respiratory diseases and cancer. Aside from these symptoms of allergies and asthma can also be aggravated by these positively charged ions.

If you want to change how things are for your health due to the negative, ill effects of positive ions, which also lead to high acidity level in the blood, poor immune system and premature aging, then you may want to consider getting the RELTEC medical air ioniser for your desk!

How Does a RELTEC Medical Air Ioniser Work to Filter the Air and Load It with Good, Negative Ions?

Positive ions and health have been linked together for the longest time, based on thousands of research and studies that have been published in scientific and medical websites, journals and publications. To counter the ill health effects of positive ions to health, what you need is RELTEC medical air ioniser that fills the air with negative ions, which are also called the good ions, because they improve overall health and wellness, including promoting sound sleep, lessening fatigue and relieving stress.

They also help in balancing the blood’s pH level and bettering the immune system! Get all these and more by having the air ioniser, which does not only clean or filter the air from pathogens and germs, but also promote general health, without you having to go to the pond, river, park and forest, among other nature places to get all the benefits of negative ions for your wellness.

For a complete list of the benefits of the RELTEC air ioniser, check out our full product page.


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