Your company’s meeting room isn’t only a place where interaction and discussion between you and your employees take place in order to talk about important business decisions and current or upcoming projects, but it is also a room in your office, where loads of positive ions emitted or released by electronic devices, including mobile devices and computers, are found. To tell you, positive ions and health have been linked for many years, as proven in over a thousand of scientific documents and studies. If your meeting room is loaded with positive ions, then it may also become one of the causes of sicknesses in your office, leading to poor productivity and decreased company performance. So how can you be sure that your meeting room is filled with good ions—negative ions. Here is how.

What Can Increase a Meeting Room’s Negative Ion Level?

It is the RELTEC medical air ioniser! This is the latest innovation from Noboru Horiguchi, a doctor that has spent over four decades studying about ions and human health. It turned out that negative ions could greatly improve health and wellness by filling the air with negatively charged ions, which improve mental alertness and performance, increase concentration and raise energy level, to name some, based on the world renowned doctor’s findings.

With these main benefits coming from the RELTEC ioniser, we can safely say that it is one of the most important devices to invest on for your office, specifically for your meeting room, if you want your staff and you to start reaping the rewards of negative ions for health and wellness.

Unlock your employees’ optimal potential by improving air quality and raising the level of negative ions in the air. Get your IG-E1J for your meeting room now.

For a complete list of benefits that the product offers, consider reading our product page here.


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