Dr Noboru Horiguchi, a renowned medical scientist, invented the Mi Energy ET-22, the first and only technology in the world that can naturally improve regeneration and rejuvenation of cells with no side effects. It is able to release natural negative ions which directly goes into the body system to improve health and wellness. It is able to produce negative ions up to 5.5 million per cm3 that are similar to those in nature.dr noboru_horiguchi

Mi Energy ET-22 Benefits:
– Eliminate airborne allergens, fungi, germs, bacteria and viruses
– Reduce and eliminate harmful positive ions like haze, air pollution, UV Rays, free radicals
– Purify and Clear Odor, Dust, Pollen and Smoke
– Enhance mental alertness and aid learning
– Enhance Immune System
– Balance Autonomic Nerve System
– Rejuvenate Cells
– Reduce Radiation
– Improve Respiratory System
– Enhance Nutrients and Medicine Absorption by the body
– Enhance Metabolism & Stronger Body
– Effective to treat Fatigue, Stress, Headache, Sleep Disorder, Allergies, Sinus, Asthma, Eczema, Constipation, tumor, endocrine disease & gynecological problem.
– No Side Effects

Product Name: Mi Energy
Model: ET-21
External Dimension: 240mm(W) x 330mm(H) x 220mm(D)
Gross Weight: About 3.5kg (Device Body)
Voltage Power: AC 100~240v (50/60Hz)
Input Power: 30 V A
Timer Easy Mode: Optional Preset 5mins/10mins/15mins
Timer Standard Mode: Manual Setting 1min~99mins
Volatage Mode: DC-5500+/-500V
Poles Output: Optional-Monopole[1] or Dipoles[2]
Wave Form Output: Cave Waveform
Electro-shock Protection: Class 1 (Machine)
Electro-protection Limit: Type B applied part
Medical Equipment Licence No. 21500BZZ00602000

Reltec Mi Energy (ET-22)

 Price: SGD$25,000/-

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Reltec IG-H1 Is Recommended For,
• Crowded clinics
• Large hospitals
• Staff lounge
• Lobby areas
• Reception
• Schools
• Nursery

Reltec Medical Air Ionisers Benefits You Will Love

Abundant supply of negative ions: The Reltec IG-E1J can produce 1.8 million of negatively charged ions per cubic cm of air, servicing an area as large as 25 sq. m, while the bigger model, Reltec IG-H1, can produce 3.44 million negative ions per cubic cm, servicing a bigger space.
Ozone-free: Ozone is a harmful gas, which none of us should inhale. It irritates the lungs and can trigger or aggravate allergies and asthma attacks.
Quality components: Its parts do not degrade in time and they do not emit harmful gases, which may irritate the lungs and aggravate allergies. High quality product materials are guaranteed to last, and the product itself is backed by two(2) years of maker warranty.
Maintenance and support of the immune system: These ionizers work to provide users with long-lasting health benefits, including improved immune system and therapeutic effects for speedy healing.
Indoor air sanitation: Worry not anymore on air pollutants and harmful airborne germs because RELTEC can get rid of them all!

The Biological Effects of Negative Ions
• Improve focus
• Aid in learning absorption
• Improve sleep quality
• Neutralize excess body acidity and free radicals to slow down aging
• Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms
• Improve the respiratory system
• Boost the immune system
• Promote peripheral blood circulation
• Speed up wound healing
• Increase happiness
• Promote cellular detoxification
• Reduce anxiety, depression and stress by normalizing body chemistry
• Improve cellular metabolism


Below Shows Thermo Images Before & 15 Minutes After Using Reltec IG-E1J Ion Generator.

The Increase in Red Colour Indicates Better Circulation

Images 15mins after using Reltec

Before & After 15mins after using ReltecReltec’s Ion Generator produces more than 100 times of natural negative ions than the forests and waterfalls which are known to improve our body’s circulation, immune & autonomic system.



Reltec are widely used in hundreds of hospitals in Japan, and hospitals in China. They are known to have treated diseases including serious disease including cancers.  Home for personal use or medical grade models are available for use. Patients are satisfied as these machines are more affordable and alternative opt for the “Reducing Ion Therapy”.  Patients have gone through using these therapy treatment and they discovered astonishing and effective results.


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