Benefits of RELTEC over Other Air Purifiers/Cleaners on the Market

Negative ions are so important for health; however, they’re insufficient/scarce at home, meeting rooms, school classrooms and hospital wards. They’re not readily found in these places, where plenty of electronic devices, including air cons, computers, fax machines, printers, TVs and other appliances, are normally found.

Instead, positive ions, which degrade the health and increase the blood’s acidity level, are found. Positive ion producing products, air conditioning, carpet and clothes dryers included are the prisons for positive ions, making your home, office or hospital exposed to them for prolonged periods of time—and unhealthy as you are exposed to inhaling positive ions into your body, too.

On the other hand, Negative ions are natural elements found in the surroundings, where there are trees, running water and nature, and some of these places are the parks, forests, rivers, seas, lakes and plains.

Thanks to technology that negative ions that are only found in nature can now be present at home and other indoor places, including offices, shops and workstations – with the RELTEC air ioniser. But maybe you are asking, “What are the benefits of using it over other air purifiers or cleaners on the market?”  The answers are outline below.

Benefits of Choosing RELTEC vs. Ordinary Air Cleaners/Purifiers

Taste the air and have the feeling as if you’re near a waterfall, at the beach or in the park with RELTEC air ioniser, a refreshing take on air cleaners.

What Air Cleaners/Filters/Purifiers Do

In most cases, these products only work to clean and filter the air you breathe and they get rid of the impurities, including pollens, spores, odors, pet dander and airborne pathogens, like bacteria, germs and viruses out the air you breathe. That’s all. And many of these units only work to purify the air, making it suitable for breathing.

What They Do Not

Most purifiers do not produce negative ions similiar to those in the nature.

What Does? It is RELTEC Air Ioniser

This product emits negative ions, which clear the air from all the impurities and air contaminants that the air filters get rid by attaching to these positively charged particles, making them very heavy to stay afloat in the air, causing them to drop to the floor and removing them from the air your family breathes.

Health Benefits of RELTEC Ioniser vs. Regular Air Cleaners

– Increases mental clarity and sense of well-being through getting rid of the excessive levels of positive ions in your surroundings, which is why they are called the natural anti-depressants.

– Relaxes the senses

– Reduces airborne bacteria and viruses

– Relieves tension

– Increases energy levels

– Normalizes blood pressure

Help to promote sound sleep

– Combats free radicals that cause aging

– Protects your lungs from irritation and inflammation, preventing colds and flu

– Clears the air of pollen, dusts and a host of allergens that aggravate asthma attacks

– May help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

– Strengthening the immune system

– Improves focus and mental promotes mental clarity

Choose Negative Ioniser

– RELTEC is an approved medical device by the Ministry of Health (Japan)

– Multi-awarded products

– Negative ions clusters producer

– Air ionizer series can produce up to 1.8 million of negative ion clusters

– Ozone-free

– Function as a therapeutic device for speedy healing


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