The home isn’t the cleanest or safest place on earth. Unlike this common notion, a home’s indoor air quality is even worse than that of the outdoors. So don’t assume that you and your family are safe just because you’re inside your home. And in case you don’t know yet, there are plenty of air hazards at home, and some of these sources include ozone generators, appliances and computers, to name a few. All these and more contribute to poor air quality, not mentioning that they also load the air with positive ions that are the main culprits of increasing the blood’s acidity level, leading to a plethora of illnesses, which include but are not limited to vertigo, fatigue, nausea and depression. So the next time you think that indoor air is clean and safe, think again. What you need to consider is to raise negative ions at home, and why? Check out the next section.

Why Raise Negative Ions and What Can

Increasing the level of negative ions at home helps in plenty of ways you may not have known before. Some of its benefits include improvement of blood circulation, increased mental performance and alertness and reduced allergic and asthmatic symptoms and conditions, to name a few. And what can help you achieve all these health and wellness benefits?

Introducing the RELTEC medical air ioniser—it is the latest ‘ion exchange unit’ that fills the air with negative ion clusters, which you will only normally get from nature, including waterfalls, rivers and rainforests. This time around, you don’t have to go to these places to power up and load your body with negative ions, which it can easily and quickly absorb and utilize to improve bodily processes and functions, because they are now infused into the air by the medical air ioniser. But aside from air filtering and cleaning functions, RELTEC also promotes overall health and wellness of your entire family.

Clean up the air, load it with healthful negative ions and live a happy, fulfilled family life with RELTEC ionisers.

For the complete list of benefits to get from this air ioniser series in Singapore, consider reading our product page here.