Hospitals are sensitive, bacteria-prone places, where infection could easily spread and viruses and germs could quickly reproduce and thrive in a matter of seconds; thus, the improvement of indoor air quality and specifically the increase of negative ions are and should be a top priority for hospital administrators and owners. And to maintain high levels of negative ions in hospital wards, which may be crowded at time, RELTEC medical air ionisers are to the rescue!

RELTEC Medical Air Ionisers Are Recommended in Hospital Wards

More and more hospital administrators and owners have started realizing the benefits of using these medical air ionisers for their healthcare facility. Briefly, the innovative product is approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and it has earned multiple, international awards, including one from the United Nations for its excellence. There is no wonder, as the products are backed by years and years of hard work and research and are subjects to numerous medical reports and scientific journals.

Why Hospital Wards Need RELTEC Air Ionizer

Cleaning and filtering the air from contamination and pollutants is one of the main functions of the ionizer. With that said, you can protect your patients, hospital workers and staffs, including doctors and nurses, from harmful airborne bacteria and germs by simply installing the device into your hospital wards.

And once it’s there, it keeps on working not only in sanitizing the air, but also in increasing the level of negative ions, which provide the body with plenty of health and wellness benefits. One RELTEC ionizer infuses the air with negative ion clusters, which are similar to those to find in nature, like the Niagara Falls. And to tell you briefly, negative ions offer plenty of health benefits, including improved sleep, alleviation of allergy and asthma symptoms, pain relief and improved blood circulation.

To check out the full health benefits of RELTEC medical air ionizers, read our product page here.


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