Many of us spend most of our time everyday indoors. More and more people suffer asthma and allergies, air quality has become very important to our general well being. Reltec effectively removes dust, smoke, pollen viruses, bacteria from the air and others.

Poor indoor air quality and irritants can commonly trigger an asthma attack. Reltec air clean could help reduce asthma attacks or allergies.
Pet Dander
Animal dander are flecks of skin shed by animals with fur or feather, and can cause allergies. An air purifier can help you minimize the consequences.
Dust Mites
Dust mites are found in pillows, mattresses, clothing and other soft materials. An air purifier can help trap them before they get too comfortable in your home.
Tobacco Smoke
Tobacco smoke are harmful, in connection to causing health problem, tobacco smoke can lead to health conditions, including respiratory infections and asthma. An air purifier can get rid of odors and lingering particles caused by cigarette smoke.
Common VOCs pollute indoor air such as adhesives, cleaning fluids, plastics, building materials. Reltec machine is a great way to eliminate harmful gasses and unwanted odors from your indoor environment.
Cold & Viruses
Airborne bacteria and viruses cause diseases and aggravate sinus, allergies or asthma symptoms. Research shows that airflow and ventilation dramatically can impact how diseases spread indoors.
Indoor Air Quality
Many offices have banned smoking in the workplaces. Poor ventilation and air filtration have lead to “sick-building syndrome”.
Sleep Disorder
Negative ions help maintain the body rhythm with overall physical and mental health and induce sound sleep. Reltec air ionizer definitely help you wake up refreshed!