The quality of the air we breathe, and what we can’t see in it (both good and bad), is paramount in the maintenance of our health. Many times it is what you can’t see that creates the problems for us… but not in this case as you will read below. This is a concept that most people have a difficult time understanding; the air we breathe is so abundant that we tend to take it for granted. This is mostly because we have never been ‘made’ to appreciate it; people in general do not value what they have as being beneficial until they no longer have whatever the item is. This also includes life-sustaining sustenance such as water, clean air, high-quality food and our health in general. These are all the tangible ways that we know the environment will affect us, and then there are the intangibles…

Many health professionals have a tendency to ‘generalize’ across-the-board when they talk about some of the above categories and how they affect our health. This does a great disservice to the public because the power of knowledge regarding these areas is in the details. Scientists are delving deeply into many of the areas that are mentioned above at a much deeper level than they ever have before. For instance, when we talk about the air we breathe and our environment, there are many subtle not well understood components to them that we are only just now starting to understand. For example, the term ‘negative ion’ has been around for quite some time. But for the most part the public has really not been exposed to all its benefits because it has not gotten the ‘press’ that other therapies in the past have gotten such as ozone, this is all about to change.

Negative Ion Generator

We first need to start off with a brief explanation as to what negative ions are. In brief, they are molecules that have gained or lost an electron, giving them a net positive or negative charge at any given moment. Positive and negative ions are generated all around you, all day long in just about every environment you can possibly imagine yourself in. You can’t see them, but they are there nevertheless. Let’s put this into every day terms that anyone can understand, positive ions are produced by machines and other forms of technology. This would include items such as computers, toasters, televisions, LED alarm clocks, refrigerators, cars, microwaves, portable heating units and cell phones. These items are everywhere; they permeate our homes, our offices and our environment. So how can we protect ourselves? Well, you don’t want to get rid of all your electronic ‘toys’, so rather than building a waterfall in your living room, let the newest technology make them for you! The negative ions produced will counter the exhausting draining effect that positive ions have on our bodies; negative ions have been shown to have a profound effect on our immune, respiratory and endocrine systems.

We have all been exposed at some level to negative and positive ions all our lives. They are naturally found in nature and are produced by waves on a beach, falling rain, waterfalls and lightning. After a rainstorm where there has been a lot of lightning, the air smells fresher and cleaner; this is mostly due to the negatively charged ions that have been disbursed into the air. A simple way to look at what they are may be, if an environment has an abundance of negative ions in it, it can be considered more beneficial because it is a ‘supplier’ of electrons. These electrons are useful for many physiological processes; they have been shown to have a direct impact on the production of hormones in the body such as serotonin. They also have a direct impact on our body’s ability to heal itself and to stay in a state of balance. Positive ions on the other hand can be considered ‘takers’, they are constantly looking to take electrons from any place that they can find them. So when there is an abundance of positive ions in the environment it creates an imbalance.

Articles regarding the effects of positive and negative ions have been appearing in magazines for many years without much notice. In the West the medical profession hasn’t paid much attention to the use of negative ions as a therapeutic agent; that is until recently, primarily because they typically have considered this field of study to be too esoteric. Of the research that has been performed though, it has been shown that an overabundance of positive ions in the environment has been directly linked to physical diseases as well as psychological disorders. These would include, but not be limited to severe headaches, anxiety, depression and extreme cases of fatigue. On the other hand, negative ion production has been directly linked to increases in mood, an increase in clarity of thought, better overall health and in increased ability to be creative. It is thought that the increase in negative ions in any environment increases the flow of oxygen and energy systemically, which will help the body to function at a higher level.

Thankfully there is technology available in the form of what are known as Negative Ion Generators. Besides the afore mentioned benefits, these Ion Generators are also said to improve air quality because the negative ions attract dust and will kill airborne germs, viruses and bacteria. Once the pathogens are destroyed, and dust has been pulled out of the air, all of this material falls to the ground and is swept away during your weekly cleaning routine instead of remaining airborne. For those who are sensitive to airborne allergens, the negative ion generators offer a tremendous benefit. Large medical institutions, universities and businesses have now installed commercial grade Ion Generators into their facilities because they see the advantage of having them. New York’s Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania have performed research to validate the use of these devices. Their research showed the devices to be effective as chemical antidepressants that can help to combat severe depression, and control severe bouts of bronchial asthma.

Some of the benefits you receive by using a negative ion generator may include:
– First and foremost this technology can increase feelings of well-being
– It may help to decrease blood pressure
– It may decrease some of the causative factors for asthma
– It may decrease blood sedimentation rate which is usually a sign of systemic inflammation
– It can increase ciliary activity which makes it easier to breathe and clear out pollution
– It can increase the resistance to infection, and speed up wound healing
– It can be used to control chronic migraines, rhinitis, insomnia, sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.

What should you look for if you want to buy one of these units for home use? There are many quote unquote air purifiers that claim to be a negative ion generator, but really all they are is an ‘ozone generator’. You really have to be careful when assessing what type of unit to purchase. There are smaller ‘nightlight’ size units, as well as other forms that claim to produce certain amounts of negative ions per cubic centimeter. What is really important though is how far the negative ions being produced (and at what concentration) disperse into a room. So, if you have an ion generator that only produces negative ions 3 feet away from the unit, and nothing is generated any further away than that into a room, what purpose does that serve? The idea is to generate is concentrated a field of negative ions so that it permeates and covers the areas that you want to. Please keep in mind that the further away you go from your ion generator the less concentrated than negative ions will be.

Comtech Research has been building these units for many years; and unlike some other companies, they actually use several testing methods to validate the output of their units. If you need additional data, their website has a wealth of information on it and their customer service is superb.

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