Offices, particularly workstations, are always a busy place, where plenty of electronic devices, including printers, computers, machines, hand phones, telephones and a whole lot more are operating almost at the same time. These devices and appliances are sources of positive ions, which deteriorate health.

And in case you don’t know yet, it might be positive ions that have been working their way up to make your employees sick. If you want to address this nagging issue and increase office’s productivity, you may want to consider RELTEC air ionizers.

RELTEC Air Ionisers May Help Your Office

For your business, it is not only an increased bottom line to consider, but also the health of your people. And one way to do that is to use a  air ioniser that provides the air with negative ions in the air. You may be wondering what these Negative ions are also called the good ions, the exact opposite of positive ions. These negatively charged ions in the office’s air improve its quality, making it suitable for breathing. But aside from cleaning or filtering the air, negative ions also promote productivity due to higher levels of concentration and lower levels of stress among your employees. These ions also increase serotonin hormones in the blood that leads to happier people in the workplace, paving the way not only for productivity.

And for its health benefits, negatively charged ions reduce risks to diseases, including allergies, vertigos and asthma, to name some, making it easier for you to understand that using air ioniser help reduce the number of sick days of your people.

For the complete list of RELTEC advantages in your office, check out our detailed product page here.

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