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Thank you for your interest in purchasing our Reltec Air Ionizer.

If you have any enquiry please do not hesitate to send an email to jennylinse@gmail.com  We will reply as soon as possible.


The set will include 1 Dust Sponge Filter & 1 Charcoal Pack

EXTRA 1 Dust Sponge Filter, 1 Charcoal Pack will be given.

Reltec Air Clean
Reltec Air Clean IG-E1J

Sponge FilterOne activated charcoal (1 pack FREE)

Sponge FilterOne sponge filter (1 pack FREE)

Air Ion TesterAir Ion Tester (while stock last)

Wash and change the high performance dust filter at least once every week. The dust filter can be used after it is dried. Change the charcoal bag once every 4-6 months.

Each machine/set include One(1) Dust Filter & One(1) Actived Charcoal Pack

ALSO EXTRA (1) Dust Filter, (1) Activated Charcoal Pack will be given FREE



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Don’t wait until poor indoor air that is charged with loads and loads of positive ions affect your family’s health. Let our little helpers—negative ions—do their job of keeping air healthy to breathe for the whole family!