Bad indoor air quality (IAQ) in the office makes employees poor at work. The office is always a busy place; it is a given. But having said that does not mean that IAQ should not be given priority because it affects employee performance, whether you like it or not.  And it is not strange to find electronic devices, including printers, copier machines, fax machines and computers in the workplace. These machines are vital in operations and smooth workflow.

The Rising IAQ Problem in the Office

Electronic devices and appliances enable people to accomplish their tasks, including exchanging emails, researching, copying papers, printing documents and creating reports, among other essential office activities. And to complete the scenario, your office also has carpeting, flooring, furniture and upholstery.

All these are sources that make the office air flooded with positive ions, which are the positively charged ions in the air that cause a myriad of health problems by weakening the immune system through becoming the FREE RADICALS, which damage and destroy healthy cells. Aside from it, positive ions also make the blood acidic, wreaking havoc in the body and leading to headaches, fatigue, stress and nausea.

Office air is also subject to the accumulation of airborne pathogens, pollens, pet dander, molds, spores, mildews and other air contaminants.  These impurities make your employees sick, too, causing frequent absences due to cold, flu, hay fever and so on.

And to address the problem, you may be thinking that what you need is an air cleaner, which normally happens to emit ozone, harmful gases that cause respiratory illnesses, in particular, due to prolonged exposure to them.

However, an ordinary air cleaner or filter is not enough.  While it may clean or filter the air from harmful bacteria, germs, pathogens and airborne contaminants, like pollens, spores and pet dander, to name a few, it DOES NOT IMPROVE AIR QUALITY because they don’t infuse office air with negative ions that get rid of the positive charged ions in the air.

How these negatively charged ions work is by attaching themselves to floating positive ions in the air, leading to their heaviness to stay afloat and eventually making them fall on the floor. These negative ions literally get rid of the positive ions in the air that your employees are breathing for at least eight hours a day.Air Ionizer Generator

And aside from cleaning the air from impurities, negative ions also improve work productivity because they increase the feeling of well-being and happiness by helping humans increase the serotonin hormones, which lead to instant happiness, freeing employees from stress, depression and fatigue.  With negative ions, you don’t just achieve clean office air, but also gain happy, productive employees in the process.

What Can Supply Office Air with Negative Ions?

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