Indoor air quality leads to poor academic performance and deteriorates student health. It is not only one story in which you have heard of frequent absences of children due to cold and flu. And while it is a given that their household may have also contributed to the problem, the effect of poor indoor air quality in school classrooms should not be taken out of the picture. In this case, it is inevitable to clean/sanitize air and improve its quality for the general health and wellness of students.

What May Help in Small Classroom Indoor Air Quality and Increased Level of Negative Ions Is RELTEC Air Ioniser

This innovative air ionizer works not only in improving air quality by cleaning and filtering it in order to get rid of pollutants, molds and airborne pathogens, but it is also proven to help in increasing the level of negative ions in the air. And why is it important?

Briefly, positive ions, for the longest time, have been associated to poor health and to the increased symptoms of allergies and asthma. They are also responsible for increasing blood acidity level and premature cell aging. Aside from these effects, positive ions also lead to lack of concentration and poor learning absorption, the last one has a majority to say about why students studying and staying for prolonged periods of time in a positive ion-filled room do bad in academics.

So if you want to help a majority of your learners, improve their school performance and keep them away from falling sick, consider getting a RELTEC machine.