In a typical student study room, the basic appliances and electronics include a computer, a printer, maybe handphone, telephone and an air con. That’s just the basic. We did not include mobile devices, such as a tablet or a Smartphone. If you happen to be a parent of a student or two, you can imagine how many hours a day your children are being exposed to the electronic devices in their study room, not mentioning the TV set you bought for them, too.

These appliances are direct sources of positive ions in the air, and if you have not heard of them before, they increase the blood’s acidity level, leading to fatigue, stress and headache, which symptoms may be worsened by school pressure and deadlines. To counter all these ill effects of positive ions, you need a POSITIVE SOLUTION—negative ions. And what can provide it for your children’s study room? It is the RELTEC ioniser.

How It May Help Improve a Study Room’s Air Quality

This effective device works in loading the air with negative ion clusters that were only available in the rivers, forests, plains and lakes—or nature in short. But after years of hard work and study, Noboru Horiguchi, a doctor from Japan, developed and came up with RELTEC ionisers, which do not only clean the air and filter out contaminants, including germs and pathogens, but also raise the LEVEL of negative ions in the air.

Why do you need to increase negative ions in your kids’ study room? It is a no-brainer. The study room is where much concentration and focus is needed. Otherwise, your children may find it hard to absorb learning and comprehend lessons, leading to poor school performance.

The ionizer helps in raising negative ions in the air that do not only promote focus, but also improve your kids’ energy level, making them more productive and reducing their tendencies to fatigue and stress.