Improving air quality is no longer only a strange thing to hear from parents, hospital administrators, school owners, computer users and office workers, but a necessity for many. Today, there are different products that promise or claim to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), but not all of them do as they promise.  In fact, some air cleaners out there even produce ozone gases that harm the lungs and the body.  So if you are one in any of these groups, you may be thinking which is a better buy—an air ioniser or an air cleaner? The answers—let us discuss here.

Air Filters vs. Negative Ionisers


Both use an innovative technology in cleaning/filtering/sanitizing air. In this case, they can get rid of impurities and contaminants in the air. Some of these include pet dander, pollens, spores, molds and mildews, as well as airborne pathogens, like germs, bacteria and viruses, among others.  In short, ionisers and cleaners can filter the air and making it more suitable to breathe. And with clean air, you can look forward to healthier lungs.

Big Difference

Cleaners only sanitize the air, but they do not produce negative ions and supply the air with such.

RELTEC medical air ionisers do.

Why you need negative ions in your body? First, there should be an acceptable ratio of positive ions and negative ions. But there should be more of negative ions, as they can help in neutralizing the negative effects of positive ions in the body.  Basically, negative ions are in the air and in the body, and if you have a healthy level of negative ions in your body coming from the air you are breathing, you can look forward to better health.  Luckily, you don’t just get these negative ions in natural places, such as forest and waterfalls, one of the most famous being is   the Niagara Falls.

Benefits of Air Ionisers

They help in improving a feeling of well-being and mental clarity, something helpful for students and professionals who need concentration for their projects, tasks and assignments.

They also increase the level of negative ions in indoor air spaces, such as offices, schools, hospital wards, nurse stations, laboratories and study rooms, workstations and so on.  There are residential and commercial air ionisers available on the market; one can service smaller spaces, while the other bigger spaces (IG-EGJ and IG-H1)

They relax the senses and lessen stress, depression and anxiety. In this case, you can look forward to happier life and an improved feeling of well-being. You can now say goodbye to depressive thoughts and moods that inhibit you from being the best that you can be in your life.

They can help in normalizing the blood pressure and improving blood circulation. As they say, it (health) is all in the blood. So if you want more energy, you should have your blood circulation in check and normalized with the aid of negative ions that air ionisers can help you.

These and more are the top health benefits that medical air ionisers in Singapore can give you and your family. Do not miss all of these by getting your RELTEC medical air ioniser today!